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8. Kerbs (150mm x 75mm)
9. Kerbs (200mm x 100mm)
10. Kerbs Pressed (200mm x 100mm)
11. Kerbs Pressed (250mm x 125mm)

12. Closed Gully Surround (300mm x 300mm)
13. Open Gully Surround (300mm x 300mm)

18. Septic Tank (n/a)
19. Septic Tank Lid (1200mm x 300mm x 76mm)

27. Open Cast Water Channel (900mm x 135mm x 185mm)
28. Pressed Concrete Channel (200mm x 100mm)

29. Standard Gate Post (2100mm x 180mm x 170mm)

Base & Sphere
30. Base 31" (790mm) Sphere 30" (760mm)
31. Base 27" (690mm) Sphere 20" (500mm)
32. Base 23" (580mm) Sphere 16" (400mm) 

The Build

1. Single Chimney Coping Plain (710mm x 710mm)
2. Single Chimney Coping Ornate (710mm x 710mm)
3. Double Chimney Coping Ornate (710mm x 1060mm)
4. Double Chimney Coping Plain (710mm x 1060mm)

5. Standard Flue Starter  (850mm x 420mm x 220mm)

6. Dwarf Walls (900mm x 100mm x 380mm)

7. Garden Edge Flat Top Kerbs (150mm x 50mm)

14. Pre Stressed Lintel (150mm x 100mm)
15. Pre Stressed Lintel (100mm x 65mm)

16. Standard Pillar Tops (580mm x 580mm)
16. Standard Pillar Tops (680mm x 680mm)
16. Standard Pillar Tops (780mm x 780mm)
17. Heavy Pillar Caps (840mm x 840mm)

20. Light Sill (50mm thick)
21. Heavy Sill (87mm thick)
22. Stonework Sill (380mm wide)

23. Door Threshold (140mm deep)
23. Door Threshold (100mm wide)
23. Door Threshold (50mm wide at top)
23. Door Threshold (62mm step down)

24. Wall Coping (180mm)
25. Wall Coping (280mm)
26. Wall Coping Large (330mm)